P Mac restores Leeson Street Kiosk in partnership with Dublin City Council - P Mac Dublin - masonry, cast iron, hardwood replacement, traditional lead flashing


Complete restoration of Kiosk on Leeson Street Bridge

Client: Dublin City Council

Complete restoration of the external façade of Kiosk on Leeson Street Bridge

Repair of all of the remaining fabric and reinstatement of lost features of this iconic building on Leeson Street.

Cleaned all brick and masonry features using DOFF and TORC.

Raked out cement pointing and re pointed using weather struck technique to match original.

Concrete parapet, cornice and door frames were reinforced with steel where possible. All significant cracks were opened up to remove corroding iron armature and repaired with stainless steel. Once all crack stitch repairs were complete the concrete fabric was repaired and replicated the decorative concrete detail on the parapet and door surrounds.  

Matching salvaged bricks were used to re build damaged brick details around the windows. 

The iconic canopy was restored and covered with rheinzink metal.

Other restoration works included the removal of all rain water goods, which were restored and refitted in the original cast iron. Later added aluminium drainpipes were replaced with re produced cast iron pipes.

All doors and window frames were replaced with new hardwood to replicate the original.

The string course and parapet wall was finished off with new lead detailing using traditional methods. 

Restoration of the Dublin Crest on the parapet wall the detail of which had been lost over the years