Microtopping Floor Kitchen

Microtopping is versatile!

New Kitchen extension coated in Microtopping Beige Grey. Microtopping is a truly unique way to transform almost any surface – it can be used to transform and modernize an existing area or create a completely new and modern environment from zero. PMAC are the only licensed applicators of Microtopping in Ireland.

Microtopping by PMAC
Microtopping on steps

What is Microtopping?

Microtopping is the non-disruptive and sophisticated answer to surface renovation. Rather than stripping out your current flooring, throwing away the boardroom table or pulling out the kitchen tops, Microtopping is an adhesive covering that will renew any surface with a stylish, modern feel.

It is great for private homes, in kitchens and bathrooms, and can even be extended out to a patio for a truly seamless and minimal finish. It also provides the perfect solution for retail spaces, shopping centres, bars, restaurants and outdoor areas.

Microtopping is ideal for those who hate the grout joints between bricks and tiles and for those who like clean, contemporary surfaces. It can be applied to any solid surface: on level surfaces, in 3D, vertically and horizontally, indoors and out. It can be applied to furniture, cabinets, shelving. The possibilities are endless, and only limited by your imagination.

It is highly customizable and can be laid down to your specific taste. This customization extends to many different shades as well as finishes, whether you want a smooth, cloudy, acidified finish, etc. It is also strongly adhesive, making it easy to apply to any surface, whether it is ceramic, wood or concrete.

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