Microtopping floor – Silver Grey

Architect: Clancy Moore

Engineer: Peter Brunner

Main Contractor: Fordlin

Ailesbuy Park

Coated contemporary extension with Microtopping to the floor in Silver Grey.

Ground and polished concrete countertop to expose the aggregate and sealed with a penetrating seal. Microtopping is a truly unique way to transform almost any surface – it can be used to transform and modernize an existing area or create a completely new and modern environment from zero. PMAC are the only licensed applicators of Microtopping in Ireland.

Microtopping from above

How does Microtopping work?

Microtopping is not a resin, but an innovative blend of liquid polymer and a cement mixture. It is a protective and resistant material. It is applied to a thickness of only 3mm, so there are no obstacles to its application.

It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

  • shock absorbent
  • compression absorbent
  • UV resistant
  • delays waterlogging
  • unaffected by underfloor heating

This means that not only is Microtopping durable in the changing conditions of day-to-day life, but it will retain its beautiful finish as well.

The product can cover virtually any type of solid surface thanks to its remarkable adhesive properties. It can be poured over concrete, levelling compound, ceramics, metal, stone and wood.

How is microtopping applied?

The application is a specialised process and requires specific training and craftsmanship. It is hand-mixed and hand-applied, therefore the applicator needs to be technically perfect in all instances of the process. Microtopping may seem like one layer to the naked-eye, but it is in fact made up of 3 – 4 coats, and this does not include the honing of the original surface which it is applied onto.

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