Rapid Set TRU® polished concrete overlay

Polished concrete overlay system

Client: Private Client

Supply and installation of a Rapid Set TRU® Polished Concrete Overlay floor with added aggregate

Concrete sub floor was prepped to ensure it was completely level, free of any contamination and all joints were filled.

Rapid Set TRU® special cement technology was mixed on site.

Additional coloured aggregate was added to the mix.

Rapid Set TRU® was poured and levelled on day 1.

The floor was ground after 24 hours to reveal the aggregate.

Once aggregate was exposed the floor was polished up to a high shine.

Once complete the floor was sealed with a penetrating seal.

TRU pc floor in residential kitchen

Premium concrete overlay flooring with Rapid Set Tru®

Rapid Set Tru® is the answer when time is a constraint and you don’t have the option to lay a 75 mm concrete slab (which is the minimum requirement for a (polished concrete floor). It provides you with a beautiful, strong and enduring polished concrete floor in just 5 – 7 days. With a classic polished concrete floor, you need a minimum of 4 weeks curing time before you can grind and polish. However, with Concrete Overlays you’re good to go after only one day.

How does Rapid Set Tru® work?

With Rapid Set Tru®, the concrete overlay is made up of advanced hydraulic cement-based, self-levelling topping re-surfacer and underlayment. It can be used both indoors and outdoors  and guarantees a smooth, even and strong surface. It remains workable for 20 minutes, so time is of the essence! The minimum thickness we recommend is 7 mm and the maximum thickness is 12 mm. If you require more depth than this, for cost implications, we recommend bringing your floor up to the desired level with a regular self-levelling screed first.

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