Rapidset Self Levelling Concrete Overlay

Rapid TRU concrete overlay

Rapid Set TRU® Self Levelling polished concrete overlay poured over existing concrete floor in Kitchen/ Dining.

Rapid Set TRU® Self Levelling polished concrete systems are a high-quality, innovative, self-levelling designer floor, based on special cement technology. Ideal where time is a constraint, high early strength, durability and low shrinkage setting are desired. TRU® maintains workability for up to 20 minutes and is ready for foot traffic after 2 to 3 hours.

TRU® floors can be polished to a high sheen 24 hours after placement and possess the same qualities of a regular polished concrete floor. Final thickness is from 7 mm to 12 mm; we can go up to 35 mm but we recommend building the floor up with a regular self-levelling screed if this thickness is required.

Rapid Set TRU polished concrete overlay

TRU PC (polished concrete) has a coarser sand that when polished looks more like traditional polished concrete. And the TRU SP (salt-and-pepper) is a fine decorative sand that contains the same amount of black as the PC but smaller in size. When finished, it creates a distinctive speckled look.

Preparation of sub-floor

Sub floor must be load-bearing and resistant to compression and tension. Must be dry and cleaned from contamination, separation agents or loose debris, bond strength min. 1.5 N/mm2. The demands of DIN 18365 and DIN 18560 refer. Joints in the underground have to be taken over.

TRU® Self-levelling is applied on the prepared and primed sub-base in a final thickness of minimum 7 mm. It is ready for polishing 24 hours after application; surfaces can be polished to a high, dense sheen.  

TRU PC colour chart

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