Restoration of 19th century brick and limes stone walls by PMAC


Restoration of 19th Century Brick and Limes Stone Walls

Client: Precision Building Services

Restoration of 19th century internal vaulted brick and limes stone basement walls and ceiling

Cleaned down all brick and stone work to reveal substrate using the Systeco Tornado Blast Unit.
Sourced replica limestone blocks and red bricks.

Raked out and re-pointed all mortar joints with lime mortar.
Rebuilt damaged archways and walls where stone was missing with salvaged limestone blocks and bricks.
Carried out helibar repairs to damaged corner blocks of wall.

Once all repairs were complete we sealed all masonry with a penetrating enhancing seal.
New concrete slab was poured in the basement and we grinded, polished and sealed the floor to a high sheen platinum finish.