Microtopping is a truly unique way to transform almost any surface – it can be used to transform and modernize an existing area or create a completely new and modern environment from zero. PMAC are the only licensed applicators of Microtopping in Ireland.

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Smart Box Polished Concrete Floor by PMAC


Polished concrete floors


What is Microtopping?

Microtopping is the non-disruptive and sophisticated answer to surface renovation. Rather than stripping out your current flooring, throwing away the boardroom table or pulling out the kitchen tops, Microtopping is an adhesive covering that will renew any surface with a stylish, modern feel.

It is great for private homes, in kitchens and bathrooms, and can even be extended out to a patio for a truly seamless and minimal finish. It also provides the perfect solution for retail spaces, shopping centres, bars, restaurants and outdoor areas.

Microtopping is ideal for those who hate the grout joints between bricks and tiles and for those who like clean, contemporary surfaces. It can be applied to any solid surface: on level surfaces, in 3D, vertically and horizontally, indoors and out. It can be applied to furniture, cabinets, shelving. The possibilities are endless, and only limited by your imagination.

It is highly customizable and can be laid down to your specific taste. This customization extends to many different shades as well as finishes, whether you want a smooth, cloudy, acidified finish, etc. It is also strongly adhesive, making it easy to apply to any surface, whether it is ceramic, wood or concrete.

How does Microtopping work?

Microtopping is not a resin, but an innovative blend of liquid polymer and a cement mixture. It is a protective and resistant material. It is applied to a thickness of only 3mm, so there are no obstacles to its application.

It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

  • shock absorbent
  • compression absorbent
  • UV resistant
  • delays waterlogging
  • unaffected by underfloor heating

This means that not only is Microtopping durable in the changing conditions of day-to-day life, but it will retain its beautiful finish as well.

The product can cover virtually any type of solid surface thanks to its remarkable adhesive properties. It can be poured over concrete, levelling compound, ceramics, metal, stone and wood.

See more information about Microtopping in our FAQ

How is microtopping applied?

The application is a specialised process and requires specific training and craftsmanship. It is hand-mixed and hand-applied, therefore the applicator needs to be technically perfect in all instances of the process. Microtopping may seem like one layer to the naked-eye, but it is in fact made up of 3 – 4 coats, and this does not include the honing of the original surface which it is applied onto.

Microtopping styles and colours

This product is a cutting edge innovation, and this is instilled in the finished work itself. It has a clean, stylish finish that can instantly modernise any home or corporate setting, with only minor disruption. It is the ideal choice for someone who favours minimal, contemporary style.

Because it is so customizable, it is easy to put your own stamp on your microtopping. Would you rather a rough, non-slip effect, perhaps for an outdoor area? You can also choose between a Matt, Glossy or Natural finish.

Variations in design can also be added from polished, silky, cloudy, acid stained, as well as providing shades and decorative inserts to form unique, personalised finishes with great aesthetic impact and elegance

Colour options range from white to beige to sky blue, from brick red to terracotta or marine to olive.

Available colours

Thanks to its extraordinary features, Microtopping is not only ideal for floors, but also for covering vertical surfaces such as plasterboard or masonry walls, staircases, bathtubs or shower enclosures. To create space for your ideas without interruptions. Just think about the possibilities!

You can totally transform your space without the dust, inconvenience and expense of a regular renovation. No ripping up tiles, timber floors, digging up concrete floors, etc.

High performance surfaces

Microtopping’s unique formula is ideal for bathrooms, shower cubicles and kitchens as it provides good protection from water penetration. It has been tested on temperatures up to 115 °C without displaying any adverse effects. It is an ideal conductor of heat and therefore works harmoniously with underfloor heating.

It has great resistance to various stresses and would have similar stress resistant properties to high-end wooden flooring. This product can be treated with various protective coatings depending on the end use of the surface. The surfaces are easily kept clean by regular cleaning with a non-abrasive, pH neutral detergent.

We give you  10 reasons why you should use Microtopping in our blog post.

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