Microtopping is a truly unique way to transform almost any surface – it can be used to transform and modernize an existing area or create a completely new and modern environment from zero. PMAC are the only licensed applicators of Microtopping in Ireland.

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What is Mortex?

The Mortex coating microcement is the coating of choice for those who wish to combine technicality, originality, personality and aesthetics. Used as much for its technical qualities as for the advantages it brings in decoration, it offers interior and exterior design projects a mineral appearance reminiscent of microcements like microtopping.
The Mortex coating offers you a wide range of options for your new-build or renovation projects.

Some characteristics about the product include:

Impermeability: The MORTEX® multi-surface coating is ideal for all projects in contact with water because it is waterproof in the mass. Italian-style showers, bathtubs, hammams, ponds or even swimming pools are reinvented with a neutral or colored Æ”microcement” look.

Flexibility: The MORTEX® microcement coating provides the benefit of being smooth and adaptable to the flexibility of common building materials.

Adhesion: Thanks to its exceptional adhesion, The MORTEX® “microcement” aspect coating adapts to your interior and can be used on a multitude of surfaces and supports (mineral, tiles, MDF)

Resistance: The MORTEX® coating offers unparalleled durability to your surfaces. With such high compressive strength and abrasion resistance, you can enjoy your installations for a long time.

Fine thickness: The MORTEX® multi-surface coating offers great satisfaction on the worksite thanks to its thin thickness, which makes it an essential asset for renovation. Its application in thin layers allows to use only little product and numerous renderings are possible according to the chosen installation technique.

Customisation: The neutral base of MORTEX® “microcement” style coating is pigmentable in the mass and offers numerous possibilities of effects for unlimited colours and rendering.

Eco-responsibility: The MORTEX® is made in Belgium and composed of 95% of natural ingredients sourced in Europe. Its formula is neutral and can be pigmented by the Pmac craftsman directly on site, which allows a more ecological transport and avoids product losses.

Field of Application

The MORTEX® microcement coating adapts to your technical constraints in order to fulfil all your desires.

Thanks to its resistance, flexibility, thinness and outstanding adhesion, MORTEX® coating offers a unique microcement aspect, neutral or coloured, to all your surfaces. It can be applied to your floors, walls, furniture, showers or pools and can be adapted to all kinds of technical constraints. If you want to avoid the tedious work of demolition, MORTEX® micro-topping can cover existing tiles. Do you want underfloor heating? It is possible!

Bealstone colour chart

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