Polished Concrete with minimal exposure

Polished Concrete Ireland – Gold Finish

Architect: Brennan Furlong

Polished concrete floors to a Gold Finish in new extension. Polished concrete floors creates a very flat and smooth surface, which is aesthetically beautiful, sustainable and eco-friendly. Polished concrete floors are used in a variety of different settings and is typically chosen for its decorative qualities, low maintenance and durability.

After polishing concrete, dirty grey floors are transformed into stunning, easy to clean, environmentally-friendly and durable surfaces. A polished concrete floor provides an extremely high-quality finish similar in appearance to marble or terrazzo. With a life cycle cost of up to 60% less than any traditional floor covering,

Polished concrete finishes

Gold Finish

For a Gold finish, the initial grinding and polishing step is finer. Because the grind is not as deep into the concrete, less aggregate is exposed. This gives a smooth, salt and pepper polished concrete look with a highly reflective surface. Typically, 1 mm of the surface is ground away, so there is no room for error or variations in levels. This finish can only be achieved if the concrete has been power floated and is completely smooth before the grinding commences.

Polished Concrete Gold Finish

Easy maintenance, even with heavy use

The easy maintenance of polished concrete is key in high-traffic areas where trolleys are used – such as airports, hotels, supermarkets and warehouses – eliminating the need for waxes. Non-allergic properties are important for hospitals, private residences, schools, etc.

Its glossy surface resists the marks of forklift truck tyres and staining from chemicals and oil on industrial floors. This versatility and toughness makes the concrete an ideal and ultimate flooring material for most floor applications.

Maintaining the shine requires only minimal effort. Just clean the floor regularly with a damp mop to remove grit, and use a suitable cleaner to enhance the shine. With basic cleaning, the floor will keep its lustre for years.

In high-traffic areas, sometimes buffing the floor with a floor pad will be required. Should more intervention be required, the floor can be lightly re-polished after a couple of years.

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