Brick Repairs

Brick Repair & Restoration

Once the substrate is exposed, we can assess for repairs. We have a team of highly skilled craftsmen who can restore intricate, decorative brick and stonework to their original state. We can carry out mortar repairs to make surfaces safe, while preserving their heritage.

We recommend replacing brick that can’t be repaired and has deteriorated with salvaged brick of a similar time and location. Mortar joints are raked out and repointed using original method and materials.

The most damaging practice to heritage brick and stone work has been the replacement of the original lime mortar with cementitious products, the reason for this is that cementitious are harder than the brick, in these cases if anything is to fail it is the brick and not the pointing. The facade should weather and dry out through the pointing, with lime pointing this happens, with cementitious pointing the facade dries out through the brick, in winter with the freezes thaw cycle it is then that the brick spalls and fails.

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Sheehan & Barry Architects were appointed conservation architects to work on 68 O’Connell Street, Limerick. We have been working with P Mac to review the condition and historic pointing details which were originally used on the front elevation. After careful research working with P Mac’s excellent on site crew, we agreed an approach to restore the façade with an Irish wigging detail. This has now been successfully implemented to the great benefit of the Protected Structure and to the credit of P Mac’s skill and expertise.
David Averill, Sheehan And Barry
Smart Box Polished Concrete Floor by PMAC


Polished concrete floors


Brick Repairs and Replacement

Bricks become damaged and spalled over time. The biggest culprit is the ingress of water and trapped moisture. Facades repaired and repointed with cement mortar cause huge damage to bricks. Cement mortar does not allow the joints to breathe preventing the egress of water. Trapped moisture goes through the freeze/thaw cycle causing the bricks to crack. Painting over a brick facade also prevents the evaporation of water.

Another modern day scourge for the brick facade home owner is the application of excessive pressure to their masonry. Cleaning methods such as pressure washing or sandblasting remove the natural patina of the brick which acts as a sealant and again causes the ingress of water.

Where bricks are damaged beyond repair they can be removed and replaced using salvaged bricks. This can be a very slow, labour intensive and expensive process. It is difficult to get exact matching bricks and requires the removal of the original materials.

Bricks can also be repaired using a specially formulated repair mortar.  Our skilled craftsmen can match exactly the shape and colour of the original material and repair intricate brick work in this way.

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