Brick Repairs & Restoration

Once the substrate is exposed, we can assess for brick repairs. We have a team of highly skilled craftsmen who can restore intricate, decorative brick and stonework to their original state. Our team can carry out mortar repairs to make surfaces safe, while preserving their heritage.

Pmac recommends replacing bricks that can’t be repaired and have deteriorated with salvaged bricks of a similar time and location. Mortar joints are raked out and repointed using original method and materials.

The most damaging practice to heritage brick and stone work has been the replacement of the original lime mortar with cementitious products, the reason for this is that cementitious are harder than the brick, in these cases if anything is to fail it is the brick and not the pointing. The facade should weather and dry out through the pointing, with lime pointing this happens, with cementitious pointing the facade dries out through the brick, in winter with the freezes thaw cycle it is then that the brick spalls and fails.

Heritage Contractors

Pmac projects are very varied. Our legacy is quality projects we can be proud of and the below projects are an example of them. We value the inputs of our customers, our team and our supply chain in reaching positive outcomes. Health and safety to our people and the public is a priority for us and without compromise.

If you are working on a similar project we would love to hear about it. Dont hesitate to call us or send in the details of your project through our contact page at

We are registered on both the RIAI and Heritage contractors

Majority of Pmac projects are based in Dublin but we also work all over Ireland. Our wide range of services are available to both residential and commercial clients.