Gold Finish

For a Gold finish, the initial grinding and polishing step is finer. Because the grind is not as deep into the concrete, less aggregate is exposed. This gives a smooth, salt and pepper polished concrete look with a highly reflective surface. Typically, 1 mm of the surface is ground away, so there is no room for error or variations in levels. This finish can only be achieved if the concrete has been power floated and is completely smooth before the grinding commences.

Benefits of a polished concrete floor

    Highly resistant to wear, scratches and most chemicals, with a long life-span.

    Hard and strong.  No unnecessary vibrations. Perfect for truck traffic.
    Natural, dust-free and hypo-allergenic. Doesn’t harbour bacteria, mould or fungi. No need for harsh solvents or coatings.
    Natural or artificial light bounces off the surface of polished concrete projecting a bright clean environment.
    Fantastic and versatile with a high-gloss or contemporary matt finish. Decorative elements such as coloured aggregates, crushed glass or marble chips can be added for a unique stunning look.
    Locally sourced materials, your concrete foundation slab acts as your finished floor. No harsh chemicals are required and your concrete will last the lifetime of the building.
    Low maintenance costs. Easy to clean with sweeping, vacuuming or mopping. No cyclical waxing or sanding required.

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