Blocksil Roof Repairer now available in Ireland

By Published On: June 6th, 2012
blocksil roof repair Irish distributor P Mac

Repairing roofs with Blocksil

Blocksil is a liquid polymer with exceptional performance and long life for repairing roofs, including asbestos roofs, and following successful trials is now in use at Dublin Bus.

This liquid flat roof system that took years to perfect was launched in the UK in January 2012 – and is already in use by leading rail contractors.

Blocksil is a single-part liquid polymer compound and optional non-woven needled polyester fleece reinforcement, which combine to form a seamless membrane which adheres to all irregular contours and surfaces, bridging cracks and holes of up to 50mm in diameter, while maintaining 5,000% flexibility.

It won’t shrink, it’s solvent-free and you could drink the rainwater from it (were you so inclined!). Blocksil is so technically advanced that accelerated ageing tests have shown that it could have a lifespan of more than 100 years.

The specially formulated polymer is brushed on, or applied by roller or airless sprayer. It is straightforward and safe to apply – only basic hand and eye protection are necessary – and dries to a “rain-free” stage in three to four hours (being fully dry in 16 hours).

This really is the ultimate coating. Unlike many other membrane coatings, Blocksil is not affected by temperatures in the range from -60°C to 200°C and remains completely flexible and supple whatever the conditions.

Blocksil is unaffected by UV, has excellent resistance to dilute acids and alkalies, and is designed to be perfect for dense industrial areas where the air can be heavily contaminated. It is ten times more vapour permeable than most other high tech membranes and 100 times more than bitumen-based products – yet fully water repellent.

Blocksil has a wide range of industrial applications

  • Local authorities; central government; hospitals; industrial buildings and plants
  • Airports; railways and other mass transit; estate & facilities management
  • Ports; docks and other freight handling; industrial roofing