Polished Concrete Floors at Dorset Point

Concrete polished floors in new student accommodation

Main Contractor: Bennett Construction

250 M2 of concrete polished to a gold finish in common areas in newly built Student Accommodation. 

1 mm is ground off the concrete surface to reveal small amounts of aggregate. The concrete surface is then progressively polished up to a high sheen and sealed with a penetrating seal. Concrete polished floors are Strong, Natural, Stylish and Easy to maintain. The most crucial element of a polished concrete floor is the quality of concrete and the pour. It is vital the slab mix, placement, finish & curing are done correctly You should always work with an experienced contractor. Your concrete slab is your final floor finish and should be treated with this in mind. Standard concrete slabs and old concrete can be polished, the final outcome is determined by the colour and mix of aggregate in the concrete screed. Read about the benefits of concrete polished floors below.

Easy maintenance, even with heavy use

The easy maintenance of polished concrete is key in high-traffic areas where trolleys are used – such as airports, hotels, supermarkets and warehouses – eliminating the need for waxes. The non-allergic properties are important for hospitals, private residences, schools, etc.

The glossy surface resists the marks of forklift truck tyres and staining from chemicals and oil on industrial floors. This versatility and toughness makes the concrete an ideal and ultimate flooring material for most floor applications.

Maintaining the shine requires only minimal effort. Just clean the floor regularly with a damp mop to remove grit, and use a suitable cleaner to enhance the shine. With basic cleaning, the floor will keep its lustre for years.

In high-traffic areas, sometimes buffing the floor with a floor pad will be required. Should more intervention be required, the floor can be lightly re-polished after a couple of years.

Polished concrete floor for industrial purposes

Despite the smooth look of polished concrete, it is no more slippery than other types of flooring.

Polished concrete floors are very easy to keep clean even in heavy traffic areas.

The flat surface of a polished concrete floor greatly decreases the vibrations that otherwise occur with forklifts. The absence of an electrical isolating covering reduces the stress on electronic components caused by ESD-disturbances.

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