Façade Restoration PMAC, repointed in Irish wigging


Traditional Irish Wigging to restore façade

Traditional Irish Wigging pointing restores Georgian Façade in Limerick’s O’Connell Street

Client: Sheahan and Barry Conservation Architects and Q Con Construction Main Contractor  

Cleaned entire front and back façade using DOFF system. Repaired damaged bricks and replaced with salvaged bricks where beyond repair. 

Re- built widow revels to original traditional featheredge.

We reinstated elliptical archway leaving it gauged and perfectly back to its original state.

The parapet stones and cappings were removed and repaired before being re-bedded back to their original position.

Applied a raddle coat to front façade using a traditional Tudor recipe

Repointed entire façade in original Irish Wigging style using a hybrid lime mortar mix.

Strengthened brick archway under front entrance and re-bedded limestone steps