PMAC, 25th Anniversary Reflections

By Published On: March 11th, 2024
PMAC 25th Anniversary with Peter MacNamara

In discussion with Managing Director, Peter MacNamara

PMAC recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, a significant milestone for the company.

We had the opportunity to speak with Peter MacNamara, the Managing Director, to learn about the journey from inception to this point. During our discussion, Peter shared his experience and discussed the progression, various challenges, projects, and successes that have shaped his professional journey.

Can you summarise PMAC’s journey over the past 25 years?

Over the past 25 years, PMAC has grown significantly. It started with me identifying a gap in the market and setting up PMAC alone. Initially, we focused on cleaning and restoring stone floors, which were in demand due to limited providers in Dublin. After a year, we hired our first employee, and since then, we’ve expanded our services to include cleaning and restoring facades and concrete, as well as polishing concrete. Additionally, we’ve established specialised divisions for removing chewing gum and graffiti for Dublin City Council. Our expansion from stone floors to concrete was a natural progression, as it involved using the same floor machinery and processes, but with different training and techniques.

PMAC cleaning bridge in Dublin
PMAC, concrete polishing
PMAC operator removing graffiti

Our transition from focusing solely on floors to expanding into facades was unexpected and took place in 2000 during a project at the Millennium wing of the National Gallery in Dublin. While tasked with cleaning, sealing, grinding, and re-honing the limestone floors, our attention was brought to a stubborn oil stain on a facade that other contractors had been unable to remove. Leveraging our expertise in floor maintenance and problem solving, we adapted our techniques and used our floor tools and chemical poultices to successfully eliminate the oil stain, restoring the wall to its original pristine condition.

Could you tell us about your traditional restoration division?

We have a small mason restoration division, but the work they undertake is profoundly transformative. We have a couple of heritage masons who have been trained in traditional methods and have worked in the industry for over 60 years. Their finish is consistently impeccable. Additionally, we sent two of our younger members to the UK to learn the art of tuck and wigging pointing and most importantly the preparation of lime mortar mixes that yields that highly sought after refined finish.

Over the past few years we have carried out restoration works on the 13th Century St. Canice’s Cathedral  in Kilkenny, repointed numerous Georgian houses applying our expertise in Irish wigging and repaired various 17th century traditional random walls. We are very proud of our accomplishments and the trust that our clients have placed in us.

Renovated house in Harolds Cross, Dublin

Renovated house in Harolds Cross, Dublin

Could you share standout projects that PMAC has completed in Dublin?

With 25 years behind us, we have worked on many buildings throughout Ireland.

In Dublin’s city centre alone, a short stroll highlights several landmarks we’ve had the privilege to work on. We have worked on St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Christ Church, City Hall on Dame Street, and moving along to Grafton Street where we restored the front facade of Bewley’s Hotel.

We’ve undertaken projects at notable sites like the Bank of Ireland on College Green and Leinster House, where we restored the Portland stone floors. Further along O’Connell Street, we’ve completed extensive work on the full facade of the Gresham Hotel, extending around to Cathal Bruagh Street.

This serves as a snapshot of the diverse projects we’ve accomplished in just one area of Dublin in recent years.

PMAC have restored City Hall, Bewleys, and the Gresham Hotel

City Hall, Bewleys, and the Gresham Hotel

What were the biggest challenges you have encountered over the years?

One of our greatest challenges occurred during the 2008 recession when the construction industry faced a downturn due to financial constraints and reduced work opportunities. Despite these challenges, we managed to maintain staff employment and ensure stability within the company.

However, an even greater obstacle emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2019, resulting in a nationwide shutdown for two years. Throughout this period, we prioritised communication with our staff through regular Zoom meetings to uphold morale. Thankfully, we have resumed operations and are experiencing increased activity.

Nonetheless, we acknowledge the lasting impact of Covid-19 on individuals’ well-being. To support our staff, we have introduced annual meetings featuring guest speakers from the nutrition industry and mental health advocates like the Happy Pear and Niall Breslin. Additionally, we have provided mental health first aider training for two staff members to offer guidance and support as needed.

Niall Breslin with Peter MacNamara and Dan Quinn

Niall Breslin with Peter MacNamara and Dan Quinn (PMAC Business Development Manager)

What was the biggest factor in PMAC’s success over the past 25 years?

Our success is all thanks to our amazing staff. Since most of our work happens on site, we empower our staff to do their best on each job. With many projects happening in different places, we can’t be at every site every day to give instructions. Instead, we train our staff well and empower them to take charge. They communicate directly with clients, make decisions, and ensure satisfaction for both the client and us. We are very proud of the fact that some of our staff have been with us for over 20 years, showing their dedication, loyalty, and hard work.

Moving forward, we remain committed to approaching our work with passion and a drive for continuous improvement. As we progress, we understand the importance of adapting and refining our strategies. This commitment to growth and excellence is integral to our ongoing success.

Peter MacNamara with some of the longest serving PMAC staff members

Peter MacNamara with some of the longest serving PMAC staff members

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