Advantages and disadvantages of polished concrete floors

By Published On: February 14th, 2022
Polished concrete floor to Gold Finish PMAC

Polished concrete floors – Advantages and disadvantages

Polished concrete has become one of the most popular flooring solutions in the past 10 years. It is sought after for high end fit-outs,  contemporary residential settings as well as commercial, retail and office spaces.  Polished concrete is also ideal for external areas such as patios, pathways and parks.

Any problems with polished concrete generally start at the sub floor and pour stage, as we say in the business “to get a perfect floor you must have a perfect pour”.  Any blemishes in the concrete at this stage are usually permanent, such as uneven distribution of aggregate, foot, scuff marks or a wavy surface. It is also important to protect your floor from any building works once it has been poured. Once your concrete slab has been polished and sealed by an expert the advantages of this floor are phenomenal. Here’s why we think so;


A polished concrete floor looks amazing and different finishes can be achieved to meet your desired look.

Variety of colours:

Polished concrete does not have a vast choice of colours to choose from as the colours comes form the quarry that the materials come from. Generally there is 2 types of suppliers, Kilsaran and Roadstone. Download our FREE concrete brochure through our contact page below to see examples of each.


A polished concrete floor is very affordable when compared to other flooring solutions such as hard wood or stone or concrete tiles. When you add up the cost of materials and the cost to install alternative flooring solutions, polished concrete comes out on top. See our blog on cost of polished concrete


Your polished concrete floor will last as long as your building. It is almost impossible to scratch or break a concrete floor. There is no fear of it delaminating as there are no coatings on a polished concrete floor.

Maintenance Free:

A polished concrete floor is very easily maintained. No need for cyclical waxing, painting or polishing required. Just a rub of the mop with warm water and a PH Neutral soap and it will come up good as new every time. Another bonus is no grout lines trapping dirt!

Resistant to Bacteria and Mold:

Unlike a lot of flooring options, polished concrete is immune to water damage and does not harbour molds, fungi or bacteria. So ideal for anyone with allergies or asthma.

Environmentally Friendly:

Polished concrete floors have a low carbon footprint as concrete is sourced locally. The only additional products required are water-based hardeners and stain resistant sealers. No harsh chemicals are required to achieve a polished concrete floor. In addition to this, polished concrete floors have excellent light reflective properties so ideal for reducing your artificial light bills.

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