learning Historic Brick work from Master Consultant

By Published On: February 22nd, 2022
PMAC crew member receives brick work training and cert from Master Consultant Dr Gerard Walsh.

Learning from the master

Members of our Brick Restoration Crew, Craig and Oisin spent a week under the tutelage of internationally acclaimed Master Brickmason, Educator and Historic Brick work Consultant, Dr. Gerard Lynch to improve their restoration skills and knowledge.

The lads spent a week in the UK to study the “Introduction to Tuck Pointing and Irish Wigging’ training course, facilitated by Dr. Gerard.

Craig and Oisin have extensive experience in the art of Historic Brick Restoration and Traditional Pointing and have been carrying out some beautiful restoration works for our clients on sites throughout Ireland. They have learned their trade from working alongside the more experienced crafts people on our team.

At PMAC we are passionate about honing our craft and ensuring Historic building skills are preserved and passed on. We believe we are no less able today than historic craftsmen of producing the masterpieces we marvel at today. This is why we sent our team to the absolute Master of this industry to ensure best practise, experience and knowledge is passed on.

Invest in training

It is vital to invest time and money into well designed craft education and training to ensure these creative and vital skills are preserved. These skills are necessary to ensure the conservation of our many Historic buildings and their wonderful architectural features. We strongly believe these skills will become more and more in demand as focus has to be placed on conservation and sustainable design with an emphasis on quality and traditional building skills.

A wealth of knowledge passed on

It was an intensive, bespoke course, especially designed for our 2 students. They covered topics such as technology and historical background of various pointing techniques. An emphasis was placed on practical activities such as the identification and selection of materials for pointing, correct preparation, followed by the learning and practice of the refined skills of application to form the historical pointing finishes. 

A legacy of craftmanship

Our Georgian and Victorian ancestors left a legacy of beautiful crafted buildings which form an intrinsic part of our national heritage. These buildings are an irreplaceable and finite resource.  Our mission is to assist property owners, whether they be of our historical terraced houses, cottages or significant public buildings to ensure they are conserved and adapted to remain functional for the next generation.

The introduction of cementitious pointing in the early 20th century was misguided and has led to the deterioration of much of our historic facades, causing the ingress of water and contributing to the depletion of our built heritage. However, we can row back the tide by ensuring the correct and sensitive restoration skills and materials are employed to conserve this architecture.

Historic mixed lime mortar

During the course the lads received invaluable insights into the correct preparation of historic mix ratios for lime based mortars which has been extensively researched by Dr. Gerard. They received hands on practical tuition on historical pointing techniques and a masterclass on the optimum tools to use for each style. Read more about Historic pointing styles

Craig and Oisin are very excited to put these newly learned skills into practice. Skilled craftsmanship to this high standard is in short supply in Ireland.  By training these young apprentices and enthusing them with a passion for their craft we can help ensure our built heritage endures and is in good hands. Conservation ensures the prolonging of these historical architectural features and buildings and ensure they endure and can adapt to our changing needs and environment. 

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