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Algae and black spot removal at Profile Park

By Published On: January 12th, 2016
Flamed granite steps at Profile Park P Mac Dublin

Profile Park is an office campus in West Dublin. The campus is surrounded by beautiful trees and greenery. Nice place to work, right? Yes, of course! However, spores being carried in the wind from the shrubbery play havoc with flamed granite and cobblelock around the building.  Airborne spores cling to granite, causing unsightly black spots and a build-up of algae and moss. This is not only an eyesore, but a very serious slip hazard.

Removing stains caused by algae

P Mac had to vigorously clean the granite steps and pathways, using a combination of hot wash water, steam and mild chemicals to remove the back stains. We then applied an algae remover to kill growth. This method helps slow down re-growth, although nothing can prevent it entirely.

The work took a day to complete and the results are stunning. We would recommend protecting the exteriors further with a penetrating seal. This would help to prevent the spores gripping on the granite so easily. Because of the location, the problem will reoccur, but the seal should help with maintenance. Due to the wet, damp climate in Ireland, we would recommend resealing every six months.

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