Hewlett Packard floor

By Published On: August 28th, 2016
Hewlett Packard floor

Resurfacing with topical coating, 3,400 M2

Floor had been painted in the past. The paint was still intact but not consistent and visually poor.

To ensure zero down time for Hewlett Packard the work had to be carried out over 3 days on a Bank Holiday weekend. Although the factory was in shut down mode we could not allow dust to rise.

The most important aspect of this job was the correct preparation. It took 12 men to grind the floor rendering it ready to take the topical product. We then mixed and applied the MC Dur product to a perfectly smooth finish. Factory floor was ready and operational for Tuesday morning.

The client was extremely pleased with the finish and has highly recommended us to his partners with enquiries coming in as far away as Boston since.