Floor Restoration at St Matthew’s Church

Terazzo and Mosaic Floor Restoration

Client: Irishtown and Donnybrook Union of Parishes

PMAC recently contributed to the restoration of the historic St. Matthew’s Church, focusing on preserving its mosaic flooring, terrazzo flooring, and granite steps. Located in Irishtown, Dublin, this mid-1700’s Georgian architectural gem is a significant part of Dublin’s heritage.

St Matthews Church Floor Restoration


We collaborated with Oliver Crampton & Sons Ltd., renowned heritage restoration experts, as the main contractors. Hayes & Finch complemented their work by restoring the pews and paneling, while Connon Stained Glass preserved the original stained-glass windows. This teamwork ensured the project’s overall authenticity and integrity

Challenges and Approach

Restoring the church’s flooring required specialist care and expertise. Terrazzo floors benefit from periodic polishing or a strip and reseal.

We gently cleaned the floor using products with a neutral pH before polishing. Our team removed the existing finish and polished the terrazzo with a floor machine equipped with fine diamond grit pads. After polishing, we applied a floor protector to assist with daily maintenance.

The mosaic was in remarkable condition for its age, needing only a few minor repairs and replacements. The main work involved stripping many layers of old polish and seals, revealing much brighter tiles. Due to heavy traffic on these tiles, we applied a strippable seal for easy daily maintenance. These time-consuming restorative floor care procedures are crucial for preserving the historical charm of the mosaic and terrazzo floors.

Restored Floor in St Matthews Church


The restoration revitalised the church’s architectural heritage and strengthened its role in the social and cultural life of the Irishtown area. Dating back to the mid-1700s, St. Matthew’s Church stands as a prime example of Georgian architecture in Dublin. Our efforts maintained its historical charm and significance for future generations.


We were proud to play a part in preserving this national treasure, ensuring its continued legacy and importance within the community.

St Matthew's Church , Irishtown, Dublin

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