Graffiti Removal from the Hell Fire Club

Restoring ancient stonework

Client: Coillte, South Dublin County Council, and Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage

Project: Graffiti removal from the Hell Fire Club building on Montpelier Hill in the Dublin Mountains.

William Conolly built The Hell Fire Club in 1725, and it is renowned for its Palladian architecture. The building features a two-story square layout, a stone roof, and large arched windows. Due to the delicate nature of the ancient stonework, our team avoided using harsh chemicals. Instead, they used mild solutions and the DOFF steam cleaning method. This gentle approach required multiple applications, making the process time-consuming. However, PMAC successfully removed the accumulated graffiti without damaging the historic stone.

PMAC operatives removing graffiti from Hell Fire Club

Challenges and Approach.

The sensitive stonework required a careful and methodical cleaning process. First, our team applied a gentle chemical, which took 15 minutes to activate before steam cleaning. To save time, they applied the chemical to one area while steam cleaning another previously treated area. This strategy ensured continuous work and efficiency. Using the DOFF method, which employs high-heat steam, they effectively stripped away graffiti while preserving the integrity of the stone. Our team applied this technique, maintaining the structure’s historical value.

The Outcome.

Once completed, the site was restored to its former glory, free from most of the graffiti and with its architectural beauty intact. However, some traces of graffiti remained because the chemicals were not strong enough to fully eradicate it. They had to compromise to ensure the preservation of the stone. Balancing slight traces of graffiti with the risk of over-cleaning from harsher chemicals was necessary. Our team departed without incident, avoiding any encounters with the site’s legendary ghosts and ghouls.

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Hell Fire Club Graffiti Removal

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