Restoration of a Georgian House.

A Georgian House Restored in Harold’s Cross, Dublin

Client: Aspect Design

A large Georgian red brick residence, known as the birthplace of Quaker figure, Richard Allen, was originally constructed in 1750, with a later extension added. Over time, its exterior had fallen into severe disrepair. This necessitated a complete restoration using traditional techniques and materials to return it to its original state. All materials were supplied by the Traditional Lime Company.

The two units were dealt with over a phased period and treated very differently.

We started the process by removing a large expanse of graffiti on the residential part of the building. Additionally, we carefully stripped approximately 30 layers of paint from the original shopfront with great sensitivity. Employing the DOFF low-pressure steam system along with appropriate chemicals, we effectively removed all graffiti and paint from both buildings. Following this, the brickwork underwent a thorough cleaning treatment using specially selected chemicals.

Graffiti on Georgian House, Harold's Cross, Dublin

Traditional Wigging

There was evidence that the front façade brickwork featured a traditional “wigged” joint with red wigging mortar laid over a white background stopping mortar. The front façade brickwork including window surround features were re-pointed in a similar detail with a traditional “wigging” joint consisting of 1 parts St. Astier NHL 2 hydraulic lime to 1 part sharp 1mm Wexford sand to the background stopping mortar. A white “ribbon” was inlaid with 1 part St. Astier NHL 2 mixed with lime putty to 2 parts fine silica sand. The wigging mortar chosen was St. Astier One pre-coloured restoration mortar approved by the conservation architect, sample panels were completed to colour match existing wigging.

Traditional Irish Wigging on a red brick Georgian House in Harold's Cross, Dublin

Heritage Style Wigging

On the newer building, we removed paint from pilasters and floral features and repaired bricks underneath. For the pointing, we employed a heritage-style method, again using lime mortar. The mortar was compacted into the joint and beaten/rubbed back during the curing stage to expose the aggregate achieving a visually pleasing appearance.

Heritage Style Wigging on Georgian House, Harold's Cross, Dublin

Chimney Restoration

Two chimneys were in need of restoration, and a third needed to be rebuilt. They were repointed using the Heritage style pointing method, which involved carefully filling the joints with mortar to ensure structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Restoration of chimneys on Georgian House, Harold's Cross, Dublin


The Harold’s Cross restoration project stands as a testament to the importance of preserving historical integrity while embracing the challenges of modern restoration. Through meticulous cleaning, careful repair and replacement of bricks, authentic reconstruction of key architectural features, and the revival of traditional repointing techniques, we have ensured that this historic building not only stands restored to its former glory but also continues to tell its story for years to come.

Special thanks to Patrick Comerford for the before image captured in 2015.

Before and After photo of restored and renovated Georgian House in Harold's Cross, Dublin

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