St Kevin’s Church Restoration and conservation by PMAC


Restoration to Bath stone windows and external stone façade

Client: St Kevin’s Church, Harrington Street

Conservation Architect: Michael O’Boyle of Bluett O’Donoghue Architects.

Restoration and conservation works to Bath stone windows and external stone façade

Oil based paint was gently removed internally to allow the Bath stone to breathe once again.

Detailed stone repairs were carried out to window surrounds, stone mullions and tracery. Damaged areas of stone were replaced with stone grafts and Bath stone repair mortar. 

Where possible any existing stone that had fragmented was dowelled back into place.

New Bath stone was used to carry out repairs where stone fragments had crumbled beyond repair. 

Cleaned external stone using DOFF and TORC systems. All cementitious pointing which was facilitating the deterioration of the façade was gently removed and re-pointed in lime mortar.

All weathered and damaged Bath stone boss and mouldings were repaired and reinstated using matching mortar repair