Restoration of External Façade of Bewleys

Restoration of external façade and balcony of Bewleys on Grafton Street

Client: Flynn Management

Cleaned down the entire façade using low pressure steam and chemical where required.

Removed loose and damaged mosaic tiles, cleaned and re-bedded with salvaged and new mosaic replacement tiles. Aged the new tiles to blend in with the old.

Remoulded and repaired the carved stone features on the plinth wall.

Repaired numerous drill holes on the façade using approved colour matched repair mortar.

Repointed joints where damaged or missing.

Once all repair works were complete we cleaned down the entire façade to remove all efflorescence and lime staining.

Bewleys Facade restoration

Bewley’s Café holds a special place in Dubliners’ hearts

With a four-generation history dating back to pre-famine times and a returning customer base for over 70 years, the devastation felt was no surprise when Bewley’s café, Grafton Street, announced their closure in 2015. What first was predicted to be a 6-month closure turned into 18-months, proving a long time for regulars to be without Bewley’s on Grafton Street. However, further investment and improvement was necessary to protect the future of this iconic landmark.

Bewley’s established its presence in Dublin in 1870 when they set up their first retail tea shop in South Great George’s Street. This tea shop became the Oriental Café in 1894, and two years later a café in Westmoreland Street was opened. Bewley’s Café on Grafton Street was established in 1927. From its opening in 1927, Bewley’s Café on Grafton street quickly became a popular go-to place for both regulars and tourists after a day’s shopping or as a meeting place for friends. It quickly became recognised as a landmark and found a place in the hearts of the Dublin people.

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