UCD Student Residence

Softwash system used on student building

Cleaned and rejuvenated Monocuche render at UCD Student residence complex using the Softwash system. This gentle biocide cleans the delicate render with out causing damage and inhibits future growth or mould and lichen.

Example of Monocouche cleaning

UCD Student Residence cleaning

We provide render cleaning and monocouche cleaning using a soft wash system approach. The method is slow and gentle so that we do not cause damage to the material. Discolouration caused by algae and lichen is becoming a big problem for modern homes, offices and apartment blocks. We can make them look like new again with the above cleaning system.

Stone Repairs and Stone Replacement

Once a building is cleaned we can assess for repairs. Our Masonry craftsmen are on hand to source and replace damaged stones. We also have extensive experience repairing damaged and chipped stones, filling in holes and finishing facades to an extremely high standard.

As a registered Heritage Contractor, PMac combines the best traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques and materials to accomplish an excellent finish, achieving the best possible protection for the future.

Heritage Contractors

Pmac projects are very varied. Our legacy is quality projects we can be proud of and the below projects are an example of them. We value the inputs of our customers, our team and our supply chain in reaching positive outcomes. Health and safety to our people and the public is a priority for us and without compromise.

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PMAC is a registered Heritage Contractor and a link for the site can be found below.

The majority of Pmac projects are based in Dublin but we also work all over Ireland. Our wide range of services are available to both residential and commercial clients.