Lerrig lodge project

Private client / Gold finish concrete floor

Gold Finish

For a Gold finish, the initial grinding and polishing step is finer. Because the grind is not as deep into the concrete, less aggregate is exposed. This gives a smooth, salt and pepper polished concrete look with a highly reflective surface. Typically, 1 mm of the surface is ground away, so there is no room for error or variations in levels. This finish can only be achieved if the concrete has been power floated and is completely smooth before the grinding commences.

What is Polished concrete?

Polished concrete floors are achieved by removing the very top layer off a concrete slab, exposing the aggregate underneath.

Removal is achieved by grinding away between 1 mm and 4 mm off the surface with diamond disks.

Once the desired grind is reached, the concrete can be honed and polished until the surface becomes hard and smooth, with a matt or gloss appearance.

Briefly, the concrete polishing technique involves:

  • Grinding the concrete down until the desired amount of aggregates appear.
  • Consolidating the concrete with a special impregnator. This process causes a chemical change with the result of a higher hardness of the floor.
  • Honing and polishing to produce a high gloss shine on the surface.

Each step in the process increases the shine and reflectivity of the polished concrete surface. As it is a multi-step process, you can view the floor at the various stages of grinding to determine the level of shine required.

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