Keeping your marble and polished concrete in top shape

By Published On: March 31st, 2020
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Maintaining marble and polished concrete

Now we’re all spending more time at home it could be a good opportunity to give your marble, stone or polished concrete floor some much needed TLC.

The beauty of natural stone, marble or polished concrete is it’s durability. Marble, Natural Stone and Polished Concrete can always be polished up and brought back to looking like new over and over again.

We recommend professional intervention every 2-3 years to strip, clean, polish and re-seal your floors. However, there are some homemade remedies you can try your self to help remove stains and bring lustre back to your marble and polished concrete surfaces.

Removing grease stains from your marble or polished concrete surface

Grease stains are generally found around the cooking area.

If you are present when an oil spill happens wipe it up immediately.

Sprinkle the affected area with water and cover with a good layer of Corn flour.

Allow to dwell for about 15 mins, the starch in the corn flour should absorb the oil.

Wipe clean with a damp clean cloth and buff dry.

Removing older grease and oil stains

Make a thick paste with corn flour and water (1 part corn flour/2 parts water).

Apply the paste to the affected areas and cover with plastic if possible.

Allow to dwell over night or up to 24 hours.

Remove the paste with hot soapy water, rinse with a clean cloth and buff dry.

You may need to repeat the process for more ingrained stains.

Removing water marks and other stains from your marble, natural stone or polished concrete surface.

Make a paste with Baking soda and water (1 part Baking Soda / 2 parts water).

Gently rub into the stained surface and allow to dwell over night if possible.

Remove with a warm clean cloth and buff dry.

Marble stone tiles with shine restored by P Mac

AFTER: marble stone tiles with its shine restored

The importance of wiping up spills immediately

If you are present when a spill occurs, wipe it up straight away with a damp cloth before it has time to seep into the stone.

Clean with PH neutral soap and buff with a dry cloth.

For more problematic staining like red wine or vinegar

Sprinkle immediately with water and a good layer of Baking Soda.

Rub in gently and leave to dwell for 10 – 15 minutes.

Remove with a warm clean cloth and buff dry.

Bring back shine to your dulled marble, stone or polished concrete surface

Marble or polished concrete can lose its sheen over time for various reasons.

It is important to clean your floor on a regular basis with a PH Neutral soap. See Our recommendations on maintaining stone floors

We recommend Stone Soap normally available to buy directly from ourselves. However, in the current crisis, Fairy Liquid will do.

It is also paramount that your stone, marble or concrete surface is sealed. Sealing marble and stone surfaces

Our household remedy to bring back shine to dulled marble or polished concrete surfaces

What you need:

A Chamois Cloth

Box of chalk

Some Elbow grease and good knees!

Grind the chalk into a fine powder

Sprinkle the powder over your dry floor.

Gently rub or buff the powder into your floor using circular movements with a Chamois cloth.

Wipe away the chalk with a damp clean cloth

Buff dry with a chamois or microfiber cloth to bring up the shine.

If all else fails, send in a photo of your problematic floor to We are happy to offer our advice. Stay safe and happy cleaning.

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