Understanding the Built Heritage Investment Scheme (BHIS)

By Published On: January 8th, 2024
87 Heytesbury Rd, restored by PMAC

The BHIS: A Valuable Resource for Private Individuals.

The Built Heritage Investment Scheme (BHIS) is an attractive proposition for those looking to conserve and repair protected structures and historical buildings. This initiative is particularly beneficial for private individuals undertaking small to medium-sized projects. It serves as a testament to the value placed on safeguarding our architectural heritage.

A gateway to preservation

The scheme is designed to cater to a wide range of projects, from minor repairs such as lime pointing to more substantial restorations such as roof repairs. Its inclusivity ensures that even modest projects receive the necessary attention and funding. This approach not only helps in maintaining the structural integrity of heritage buildings but also in preserving their historical and cultural significance.

Private individuals can benefit greatly from this scheme. It offers a financial lifeline, ensuring that the costs associated with restoration do not become a deterrent to preservation efforts. Projects are eligible for funding between €2,500 and €15,000, aimed at conserving and repairing historic structures. Additionally, a smaller fund is designated for regular upkeep and minor repairs, with a cap of €2,500 for each project. It’s important to note that the combined public funding for any single project should not exceed 50% of its overall cost.

A success story: Returning protected structures to their former glory.

Consider the case of John, a PMAC client who received €15,000 through this scheme. John’s project involved roof renovation and restoration of chimneys, which had been  defining features of his heritage home. This financial support enabled him to restore the chimneys and roof to their original states, using materials and techniques that were true to the period of the house.

Chosen for our expertise in conservation and mastery of traditional construction methods, PMAC conducted the essential chimney and roof repairs. We replaced deteriorated chimney brickwork, using breathable lime mortar for repointing, enhancing the structure’s weather resistance and reducing future decay.

For the uninsulated roof, we restored the original ventilated design with new natural slates and re-lined leadwork, including gutters and valleys. Where feasible, original cast iron fixtures were conserved, otherwise replaced, ensuring comprehensive protection from water damage.

The transformation was remarkable. Not only did it revive the historical essence of the building, but it also ensured its structural safety for years to come. John’s story is a testament to the impactful role that the Built Heritage Investment Scheme can play in individual restoration projects.


The BHIS scheme is currently open for applications with final submissions accepted on Monday, January 15th, 2024. To secure funding for your project, apply here.

Large scale conservation – The Historic Structure Fund (HSF)

The Historic Structure Fund (HSF) exists to facilitate urgent large-scale conservation, encourage the reuse of historic structures, create jobs in conservation, and enhance climate resilience. Funding options include Stream 1, providing €15,000 to €50,000 for essential repairs, including historic shopfronts, and Stream 2, offering €50,000 to €200,000 for larger projects with demonstrated community or residential benefits, all on a match-funding basis.

Copper flashing

Copper flashing and original ridge tiles restored

Get in touch

With 25 years of expertise, PMAC is a certified heritage contractor with extensive knowledge in restoration. Get in touch with us for guidance on restoring your home to its former glory at info@pmac.ie or call us at (0) 14733 666. Let’s restore the past, together.


PMAC is a registered Heritage Contractor and a link to the site can be found below.


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