PMAC restores quarry tiles at Russborough House

By Published On: February 5th, 2013
Quarry tile restoration Russborough House P Mac

Restoring quarry tiles at Russborough House

Pmac were delighted to be called upon again by the Alfred Beit Foundation to clean their beautiful quarry tile floors.

Russborough House in Blessington, Co. Wicklow, was built between 1741 and 1755, and we can assume that the quarry tiles in the basement were laid at the same time. Russborough sits in the heart of the panoramic West Wicklow landscape. Built in the mid-1700s to display the great art assembled by the 1st Earl of Milltown, it later became home to the world-famous Beit Collection. Its classical design, perfect scale, architectural detail, and exquisite decoration marks this Palladian jewel as the most beautiful Georgian house in Ireland.

Russborough house

PMAC removed the old seals with an alkaline solution, cleaned the floors and then coated them with a topical seal. The area to be treated was approximately 200m2 and a few surveys and samples were completed to confirm the appropriate methodology. The results are stunning, and you would never think these floors are almost 300 years old.

The age of quarry tiles causes them to have variable surfaces. Scrubbing machines with scouring pads are not ideal as they often cannot access the dips in the tiles so alot of work had to be completed by hand. Of course this meant more time on hands and knees but meant that more attention to detail could be met.

With all other work completed, the final stage of the quarry tile restoration is sealing. We offer a range of sealers suitable for quarry tile, including gloss, high sheen or flat matt. All offer a great looking finish for quarry tiles and, crucially, protected them from moisture.

Example of Quarry tiles

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