PMAC cleans up Joseph Plunkett Tower

By Published On: January 7th, 2013
Joseph Plunkett tower

Ballymun tower graffiti removal

PMAC started work on cleaning the last remaining tower block in Ballymun on Balbutcher Lane, for Dublin City Council.

The Joseph Plunkett tower is due for demolition next year, however, the lifts and lobbies were in a deplorable state and needed interim maintenance. There are seven lifts in the block, which were covered in graffiti and dirt. We liaised with the lift company to have them switched off during quiet times and initially removed the graffiti using a mild chemical.

We then proceeded to sanitise and wash the lifts, leaving them gleaming. The residents were over the moon with the results. After that, we moved on to the lobbies at basement and ground level. We initially sanitised the area and the residents were overwhelmed with the difference – as they had become accustomed to the stench of urine. Please get in touch with us if the area requires another further attention.

Initial wash and sanitising

The floors were washed initially with industrial machines and then by hand, with no corner left uncleaned. The results are astounding. It took a two-man crew three weeks to complete the work and their greatest reward was the positive feedback from the residents. The floors were sealed with a sealer but will require another application within 2-4 years time to reapply the protection.

Joseph Plunkett Tower lift grafitti removal

BEFORE: the lift covered in graffiti

Joseph Plunkett Tower lift doors cleaned

AFTER: graffiti-free lift door

Joseph Plunkett tower

The P Mac crew had a lot of dirt and grime to remove

Joseph Plunkett Tower floor cleaned

The floors after being washed with industrial machines

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