graffiti removal St Finians


Graffiti removal from 11th century ruins

Client: South Dublin County Council

Removal of numerous graffiti tags on 11th century stone walls

The ruins of  the 11th century St Finians church and cemetery were hit by vandals who spray painted graffiti over these historic stone walls. As specialist heritage stone cleaners we were called in to sensitively remove the graffiti safely without causing damage to the protected structure. Our experienced crew gently cleaned the stones using the TORC conservation cleaning system. This system uses a combination of compressed air, fine abrasive and water, gently removing soiling, coatings or paint from delicate or friable surfaces. TORC is a proven gentle, safe and effective cleaning system for use in historical buildings. All stone was returned to the state they were in before the vandals struck leaving no trace of the paint or the cleaning.