Gum Removal Henry Street

Gum removal on Henry Street Dublin

PMAC are contracted by Dublin City Council to remove chewing gum from the city centre. Henry Street is one of the black spots and the entire street is cleaned monthly by our night crew.

According to, chewing gum comprises 15% of all litter recorded in Ireland. Our Chewing Gum Removal Unit specialises in ridding our streets of this modern, unsightly nuisance. We work with various county councils, local authorities, and property managers in an effort to combat this problem.

Using modern techniques (high-temperature mist at low pressure, to avoid surface damage), our gum removal service offers clients an affordable, viable and efficient service in the battle against discarded chewing gum. Our experience and efforts have resulted in dramatic improvements in the visual appearance of numerous streets around the country.

Steam cleaning Henry St

Graffiti Removal System

Our Gum removal system comprises of a custom-built steam pack, using a combination of low pressure and high temperatures. This ensures no splash-back, guaranteeing the safety of pedestrians and our operatives.

Heritage Contractors

PMAC projects are very varied. Our legacy is quality projects we can be proud of and the below projects are an example of them. We value the inputs of our customers, our team and our supply chain in reaching positive outcomes. Health and safety to our people and the public is a priority for us and without compromise.

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PMAC is a registered Heritage Contractor and a link for the site can be found below.

The majority of PMAC projects are based in Dublin but we also work all over Ireland. Our wide range of services are available to both residential and commercial clients.