Restoration of Dublin Brickwork

By Published On: April 8th, 2024
Repointing window heads

Preserving Heritage:

Dublin boasts a rich architectural heritage, with its stunning brickwork being a defining characteristic. However, the passage of time, along with weathering and neglect, can diminish the beauty of these historic structures. Therefore, it’s essential to appreciate the significance of repairing and restoring Dublin’s brickwork to safeguard its historical charm.


Preserving History and Cultural Identity

Dublin’s brickwork is more than just construction material; it reflects the city’s rich history, culture, and identity. Each brick tells a story of craftsmanship, showcasing past architectural excellence. By preserving and restoring these structures, we honour the architects and builders who shaped the city. Safeguarding Dublin’s brickwork ensures we stay connected to our heritage while contributing to the city’s cultural evolution.

Some of PMAC’s previous restoration projects.

PMAC is proud to have contributed to the restoration of many buildings, from residential houses to commercial buildings across the city of Dublin.

Below are a few standout examples of our recent projects showcasing our commitment to preserving the city’s architectural heritage.

Harold’s Cross Road

Dating back to the 1750s, this architectural gem featured exquisite period designs such as stunning brick corbelling, brick specials, ornamental chimney pots, and elegant mouldings. We were tasked with harmonising a blend of four differently coloured bricks, three shades of mortar, and two unique pointing styles. Additionally, we reconstructed one chimney and restored two others.

The meticulous repointing of the façade in the traditional Irish Wigging style demanded precision and endurance, employing a carefully crafted lime mortar hybrid mix.

Renovated house in Harolds Cross, Dublin

Emorville Avenue, Portobello

This stunning house required comprehensive restoration, prompting the owners to opt for a style consistent with the Portobello area. PMAC initiated the process with a gentle chemical cleaning to eliminate contamination, followed by thorough raking and repointing in the traditional Irish wigging style. Furthermore, the restoration included reverting window openings to their original dimensions.

House on Emorville Avenue, Portobello recieved a complete restoration.

Trinity Street

We were delighted to be given the opportunity to bring back to life this highly decorative Victorian brick façade. The use of polychrome brick detailing provides tonal variation to the red brick of the façade of this prominently sited building, making it a striking part of the streetscape. Furthermore, we enlisted Brian Tobin to recast and restore the ornate cornice crowning the building. It stands as a noteworthy sight within the city centre, deserving attention from all who pass by.

Trinity St Brick facade restored by PMAC restoration team

Northumberland Road

The façade of this large Victorian residence was typical of the era featuring many decorative bricks and corbelling with precision cut and intricate patterns. Additionally, it showcased ornate granite capping, parapets, and pillars. However, some portions of these embellishments had suffered breakage and chipping, necessitating repair work.

Large Dublin redbrick building restored by PMAC restoration team

87 Heytesbury Street

This 19th-century residence had begun to display signs of aging. The exterior featured Flemish bond brickwork, complemented by a cut granite plinth course over lined-and-ruled rendered walls to basement. The square-headed window openings boasted granite sills and raised render reveals. Our team of brick restoration specialists skilfully reinstated the original Irish Wigging pointing.

87 Heytesbury Rd, restored by PMAC

Drumcondra Road

A before and after photo of a residence in Drumcondra. Our team discovered that this building originally had black pointing so the client was happy to have it reinstated against the red brickwork.

A before and after photo of a house in Drumcondra with black wigging by PMAC

Enhancing Aesthetics and Value

Dublin’s brickwork embodies the essence of the city’s charm and allure. When historic buildings are restored to their former glory, they enrich the visual landscape and preserve Dublin’s cultural heritage. Well-maintained brickwork adds both aesthetic value and increases property worth. The appeal of these restored buildings attracts residents, tourists, and investors, contributing to Dublin’s economic vitality. By investing in repairs and restoration, we honour Dublin’s architectural legacy while fostering community pride and engagement.

Choosing Reliable Contractors

When undertaking brickwork repairs and restoration projects, it is crucial to hire reliable contractors who have the knowledge and expertise in traditional techniques. Heritage contractors understand the unique challenges associated with Dublin’s brickwork and are committed to using traditional materials that match the original construction. Their experience and attention to detail ensure that repairs are carried out with precision, preserving the authenticity and beauty of the structures.

PMAC training

Ongoing training

Ensuring the preservation of essential craft skills in well-designed education and training programs is vital. These skills are necessary for conserving our many historic buildings and their valuable architectural features. As focus shifts towards conservation and sustainable design, there is a growing demand for quality and traditional building skills.

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