Softwash For Modern Renders

By Published On: November 16th, 2023

About Softwash

We, at PMAC use a revolutionary, non-aggressive exterior cleaning system called Softwash to clean modern renders. Our method is deliberately gradual and gentle, ensuring the preservation of material integrity. The escalating issue of discolouration due to algae and lichen is effectively addressed, restoring modern homes, offices, and apartment blocks to their pristine appearance. It is also ideal for cleaning pebble dash, concrete, roofs and tarmac.

Enhanced Soft-Washing for Gentle and Effective Cleaning

Soft washing stands out as a meticulous and environmentally friendly low-pressure cleaning process, using a uniquely formulated cleaning solution tailored for each specific project. This method, distinguished by its low pressure, ensures a gentle touch that safeguards painted surfaces, stonework, wood, guttering, and roof tiles, eliminating any risk of damage.

Contaminant Removal

Our Softwash process not only focuses on the cleanliness of your roof, walls, patios, and various surfaces but also prioritises the removal of contaminants such as algae, moulds, mildews, and bacteria. These harmful agents, actively decomposing the surfaces they inhabit, are effectively targeted through the power of carefully crafted chemistry, making the Softwash process exceptionally potent.

Innovative, Customised, Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Recognising that each surface harbours unique contaminants, we tailor our soft washing solutions to ensure optimal results. Our cleaning solution is expertly mixed on site, aligning precisely with the specific requirements of your cleaning project. This customised approach not only maximises cleaning effectiveness but also ensures a cost-effective solution.

Adaptable Pressure Techniques

While the Softwash process is designed to be gentle, some surfaces may benefit from additional pressure to achieve maximum cleaning impact. In such cases, PMAC seamlessly integrates the latest in super-heated cleaning techniques to complement the Softwash process, ensuring a comprehensive and thorough cleaning job.

Experience the difference with PMAC where innovation, customisation, and environmental responsibility converge for a superior cleaning outcome.

Results of Softwashing carried out by PMAC on Social Housing units in Ballymun for Dublin City Council.

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