Warehouse concrete floor polished

By Published On: February 3rd, 2021
Warehouse concrete floor polished by PMAC removing all contamination and making smooth and clean

Warehouse concrete floor polished

A concrete floor in an unused warehouse is polished to render a beautiful clean and smooth polished concrete floor . The client needed to get it cleaned up to increase its value and get it ready for market.

The Warehouse concrete floor was in pretty dismal shape. Contaminated with a build up of coatings, glues, painted lines and general dirt. We grinded 4 mm off the surface to reveal a beautiful smooth concrete surface with a nice even spread of aggregate.

There were 1,000s of chips, gouges, cracks and divot repairs in the floor. We colour matched mortar and carried out repairs to make as good as possible.

All expansion joints were raked out and re-filled with silicone

Once complete, we sealed the floor with a penetrating water based sealer.

The grinding and repairs to the concrete completely transformed the warehouse and now it has a beautiful polished concrete floor for life. Painting concrete might be a cheaper option in the short term, however paint will eventually peel and need to be replenished every few years. By polishing the concrete, with the correct maintenance, this floor will stay looking good for many many years. 

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Façade cleaning:

Of course it is very important to ensure the exterior of a building is looking its best.

All concrete plinths and soffits were cleaned using a mild chemical and low pressure steam. The metal façade was cleaned using a mild detergent also using low pressure steam.

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With a little time and investment this neglected warehouse has been transformed into a high-quality warehouse with office space.

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