Concrete repairs leave a smooth and even finish

By Published On: February 25th, 2021
Concrete repairs

Concrete repairs at height

We are known for grinding and polishing concrete to provide an aesthetically pleasing and durable finished floor. However we are being called upon more often to rectify concrete floors that are left with varying levels. Corners are being cut and concrete is being poured and finished in a hurry.

The major problems we are coming across are uneven levels. In some cases we are grinding off up to 30 mm of concrete to even out surfaces and prepare them to take various finished flooring solutions.

This is a time consuming and messy job but still a lot cheaper than ripping up all the concrete and doing a re-pour. Grinding at this level requires a far more aggressive machine than our regular grinders. A Scabbler will grind off up to 2-3 mm in one pass, which means we can achieve the desired result in a much shorter time.

The main problem seems to be with stair landings.

We have rectified concrete landings on various sites that were left too high which would cause an issue when the landing leads into a room with a different finished floor level.

Why are concrete levels left uneven?

This could be for a number of reasons, either the incorrect levels were specified on the drawings and only became apparent when the Fit out Contractor arrived on site. Or the concrete contractor didn’t adhere to the specified heights.

Preparing the concrete floors for the Flooring Contractor

Our goal on site is to bring down the levels to below the acceptable height and leave ready for the flooring contractor. The finish is left with a distressed finish and would not be suitable for an exposed concrete finish. Most likely a self-leveling screed is applied to leave a nice flat and smooth finish to take the tiles or the specified finished floor surface.

Preparing concrete columns for painting

Exposed concrete leaves a wonderful contemporary finish. More often than not however concrete when poured can be left with a very rough, damaged and contaminated surface. Our vast experience working with concrete means we have the knowledge to treat and grind concrete to make it perfectly smooth to leave it with an exposed finish ready to be sealed or to take paint. We carry out concrete repairs where gaps have been left and leave the exposed concrete with a beautiful smooth finish.

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