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P Mac cleans the facade of the US Embassy

By Published On: June 23rd, 2015
US Embassy facade cleaning P Mac

The stone facade of the US Embassy in Ballsbridge was soiled and the protective seal had worn off and mastic joints were coming to the end of their shelf-life. It was in need of some attention. P Mac were delighted to be awarded the tender for this prestigious project.

After three months of planning, site trials and waiting for the ideal weather conditions, P Mac’s trained and experienced team arrived on site in March. The work was executed in a diligent manner and within a fixed performance period of 30 calendar days.

The building remained fully occupied and in use throughout the works, and P Mac’s team had to be totally self-sufficient on site.

To start off, the entire facade was chemically cleaned in conjunction with low pressure steam, to expose the substrate and any masonry decay.

Once cleaned, all grout and mastic sealant between facade joints, including perimeter joints around door frames and windows, were removed. P Mac subcontracted the mastic sealing to a third party who specialise in this field.

A crane was required to lift our 40 tonne cherry picker over the railings to gain access to the back of the building. This was a source of amusement to both early risers and the late night revellers at 5.30 am on a Saturday morning.

When cleaning and repairs were complete, we sealed the facade with a breathable, water repelling, UV stable and water resistant penetrating seal.

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The client is extremely happy with the work, and we are very proud of the results achieved. If you would like to discuss a similar requirement, get in touch with us on 01 473 3666 or send us a message.