Restoration and conservation of Historic Portland stone floors by PMAC


Restoration of Historic Portland Stone Floors at Leinster House

Client: Duggan Brothers Contractors Limited for OPW

Restoration and conservation of Historic Portland stone floors at Leinster House

The Portland stone floors in Leinster House are original to the building. The overall conservation strategy was to place the emphasis on repair and conservation of the historic fabric of the building rather than replacement. We therefore carried out repairs to stones wherever possible and only replaced with new stone where absolutely necessary. 

Floors were cleaned and stripped to expose extent of repairs. 

All damaged stones were carefully removed for replacement or repair. These were all numbered and stored. Existing stone was repaired to best colour match and new replacement stones were used only where repair was not feasible.

Chipped corners, gouges and dips were repaired with stone indents and original left over matching stone. 

Once all repairs were complete we repointed all joints with sand and lime mortar.

Floors were finally sealed with a breathable sealant.