Reaching New Heights with MEWPs

By Published On: June 17th, 2024
Removing graffiti with the aid of a MEWP from Boles Hire

The Essential Role of MEWPs in our Work.

At PMAC, we excel in specialised building maintenance and repair projects. A key tool in our arsenal is the Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP). MEWPs ensure safety and efficiency, particularly for tasks that involve working at heights. We are privileged to collaborate with Boles Hire Ltd and Clerkin Elevation.

What are MEWPs?

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) are versatile devices designed to provide temporary access to elevated and hard-to-reach areas. These platforms can be extended and positioned accurately to facilitate various tasks. We use them extensively for facade cleaning and maintenance work on historic buildings.

MEWP assisting in reaching graffiti

MEWPs in Facade Cleaning

Facade Cleaning Benefits: MEWPs are essential for facade cleaning, especially for medium to high-rise buildings. They allow our team to reach every part of a building’s exterior. In a recent project in Dublin, MEWPs helped us clean the North, West, and East elevations of a medium-height building. We applied a low-pressure, high-temperature steam clean and a biocide treatment. This method eliminated organic spores and brightened the surfaces without damaging the Techrete facade.

MEWP assisting in cleaning of a techrete facade

MEWP assisting in cleaning of a techrete facade.

MEWPs in Historic Building Preservation

Heritage Maintenance Precision: Urgent maintenance or repair work on old historic buildings demands precision and care. MEWPs provide the stability and access needed for these delicate tasks. Our team can meticulously carry out repairs, maintaining these important architectural treasures.

PMAC employing a MEWP for urgent maintenance on historic building.

PMAC employing a MEWP for urgent maintenance on a historic building.

Ensuring Safety and Proper Training

Safety First: At PMAC, safety is our top priority. Operating MEWPs requires specialised training and certification. In Ireland, strict health and safety regulations govern MEWP use. Our team undergoes comprehensive training to become certified operators. This training covers operational aspects, safety protocols, and emergency procedures. Our staff handles these machines confidently and safely.

MEWP assisting in the cleaning of a high rise techrete facade

MEWP assisting in the cleaning of a high rise techrete facade.

Advantages of Using MEWPs

  1. Increased Safety: MEWPs reduce the risk of falls and other accidents. They provide a stable and secure work area with safety harnesses and guardrails.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency: MEWPs allow our team to complete tasks quickly and accurately. This results in less downtime and disruption, crucial for projects in busy urban areas.
  3. Versatility: MEWPs come in various types and sizes, from scissor lifts to boom lifts. This versatility ensures we can handle a wide range of tasks, from high-rise window cleaning to detailed reparation work.
  4. Accessibility: MEWPs enable us to access hard-to-reach areas safely. This is beneficial for facade cleaning and maintenance, where thoroughness is key to a high-quality finish.
PMAC employing a MEWP for urgent maintenance

PMAC employing a MEWP for urgent maintenance on a historic building.

Our Commitment to Quality and Safety

Our use of MEWPs showcases PMAC’s dedication to quality and safety. By integrating these advanced platforms into our operations, we ensure our clients receive the highest standard of service. Whether maintaining the pristine appearance of a modern building or repairing a centuries-old structure’s historical integrity, MEWPs are crucial. In conclusion, MEWPs are essential to our work at PMAC. They enhance our ability to perform at the highest level while maintaining strict safety standards. As we embrace innovative solutions, we remain dedicated to delivering excellence in every project we undertake.

PMAC operatives cleaning Office building from a MEWP

PMAC operatives cleaning Office building from a MEWP

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