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Removal of mineral deposits from glass

By Published On: January 11th, 2023
Operative on hoist cleaning minerals from Glazing
Mineral deposits on glass
Zoomed out shot of operative on hoist cleaning minerals from office block glazing

Window repair… not window cleaning!

We were asked to solve an issue that one of our clients were having on their large windows. The building was only 5 years old and routine window cleaning could not remove the limescale deposits on windows and so they consistently looked dull and dirty. We were invited on site to see if we could improve the windows and after some trial and samples with various processes we were able to show a 80 – 90% improvement.

A plan was put in place to clean the glass on all elevations using a Telescopic boom MEWP and the results were noticed straight away.

Next challenge was to provide the same solution to the glass within the interior courtyard of the office block which only had access by a small corridor. It was a tight fit but we were able to get a 33m Falcon Spider lift through this space so we could reach the full elevation of the courtyard. All elevations cleaned while the site remained opened and no disruption for any office employees.

With the Dublin skyline producing more glass and metal styled buildings the need to remove mineral deposits from glass is becoming more problematic for property managers and simple window cleaning wont always remove the buildup.

Having dirty looking windows can impact the success of your business. Dirt / Limescale deposits on office windows creates an unappealing impression and reduces the curb appeal of your company’s building. It can imply negligence or give the appearance that you, your team or your facility manager lacks awareness of the business’s overall appearance. Unkept windows also reduce energy efficiency and lessen window lifespan.

If your windows require this type of maintenance, dont hesitate to get in touch with our team through the enquiry form on our contact page https://pmac.ie/contact-pmac/ or call us on 01-4733666.

Drone shot of operative cleaning deposits from windows from a hoist
Graph showing different sector